Property Crime in California | The Main Types

Property Crime in California | The Main Types

The Property Crime in California is growing more and more. A great number of thefts, fraud of the property, the unofficial expulsion, etc are currently as popular as Justin Bieber. Here is the interesting information about the popularity of crimes in California. How to avoid the property crimes and react clearly to such a situation, I will tell you in this article. If you have already faced the property fraud or another crime, you can bravely react regarding the advice given in this article.

What is the Property Crime?

A Property Crime is the crime that can include such issues as theft motor vehicle, shoplifting, vandalism, burglary, and others. Property crime involves money fraud, money false exchange, etc. This type of crime is not a felony but is considered to be a serious misdemeanor. It can be punished as 1 year or more according to the seriousness of the whole deal. Let’s see what the property crimes can be in details.

The Arson

The Arson is the intended setting of the fire to damage the property belonging to another person. You can be surprised but in California, the percentage of the arson is 10% of all the crime made for different purposes. It sounds like a joke but there is a growing tendency to increase to the number of the arsons. The arson is considered to be the USA felony and can be prosecuted to the imprisonment or the harsh fine.

The Burglary

The burglary is the crime when a theft takes the material things belonging to another person. This crime is considered to be the most controversial and can have different results in the law. If the burglary is massive, it can be punished as a huge crime, but if the burglary is tiny, it will depend on the circumstances, which punishment the person will have. In general, the burglary is punished to the prison sentence, but if the burglars have an experienced attorney, the sentence can be a conventional one. One guy in my practice was a burglar, and he stole an old and valuable picture of the 16th century. This picture was at his friend’s house, so he was eager to sell it and as a rule to keep the money. The person was really guilty, so I could do nothing. He was sentenced to 3 years in the federal state prison without the right to appeal against County Court decision.

The Vandalism

The vandalism is an intended spoiling of the property belonging to another person. The vandalism can be as a tiny one, it means just to paint something on the wall, or it can also be a huge one, when people are making damage to the governmental buildings, or crash completely the monuments, parks, cemeteries, etc. I had one practice, when a group of young people, the approximate age of them was 18 years old, decided to crash a park rose garden-beds. They did it at night and the next day decided to go and see what they committed in the park. There was already the police, and all the participants of such an event were caught. The full stop. I was an attorney for one of them because his parents were sure that their golden boy did not commit any crime. Fortunately, the court took into account such a fact that there were only underaged teenagers who were not fully responsible for their activities. I will not bother you with all the details, but the boys had a conventional imprisonment for 14 days and a lot of problems with the legislation. I hope, they will never do the same or any other misdemeanor again.

The Shoplifting

The shoplifting is the stealing something from this or that shop. As you understand, such a crime of the property can be fined to the twice cost of the stolen thing. It is a highly rare thing that you are having an imprisonment in such a case, but the shoplifters are caught every day, and it does not give them any bonuses for the future career or promotion at work. There is one more interesting fact about the shoplifters. It can be a hobby of the really rich people to go to the nearest shop and steal something. They consider it to be a common business and do not pay attention to the fines they usually have. For me, it was almost a disaster to realize that it can really happen. The owners of the shops usually make friends with those ones who steal the tiny things from their shops. If you are not a rich man who wants just to have fun with the shoplifting, I beg you not to try such a practice.

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How to file for the Property Crime?

Firstly, if you woke up in the morning and realize that something can be wrong with your personal property, you should call the police and tell them all the details of the crime. As a rule, the police make a report of what things were stolen, what price of those things was, what time of the crime was, etc. Moreover, the police ask the witnesses about the crime and search for the evidence. For the police, it is highly important to conduct a full portrait of the crime. After that, you can hire a lawyer to help you to investigate the crime more in details or just wait until your things are found by the government. Traditionally, the things are found in some time, but unfortunately not all.

As an attorney, I have to tell you that the property crime is the most well-spread crime in general in the USA and California in particular, according to the latest information at the trustworthy resources, for instance here you can see the information. I can tell you that it is extremely difficult to deal with such crimes as property ones, but for the lawyer it is the best practice to search for the tangled and serious business. I wish such a crime will never happen to you or your relatives.

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