Mail Fraud in California | What is it?

Mail Fraud in California | What is it?

What is fraud? You can see a fraud everywhere in the world, it is a usual event in the modern life, so you should definitely be protected from it. In the total globalization, the whole of humanity is connected with the internet so tightly, that we can not imagine our world without it. The email is an inevitable thing for each of us. The fraudsters tend to break the pass of your mail and transfer all the necessary information for their interests. In order to be protected from such a thing, I will tell you the crucial issues of the mail fraud right now.

What is Mail Fraud?

First of all, the mail fraud is a Federal crime. It means that the attitude towards this crime is also as serious as possible. It is an intentional breaking the mail post of another person and using the data for a personal advantage.  The data can be used to send various information from your email, blackmail, spreading the false information, etc. In California, The Federal Department of Justice is responsible for the imprisonment of the email fraudsters and deciding on the prosecution term of them. In California, the popular name of such a crime is a “white collar” crime. To commit such a thing, the criminal should be a well-educated person, moreover, he/she must have a so-to-say, talent to commit an email fraud without being caught, etc. As a rule, the email fraud happens in the big companies, private businessmen, stocks, etc.

How is Mail Fraud punished?

In California, the punishment for the email fraud is really harsh. It can be up to 20 years in the State-Federal Prison, or/and a fine that is traditionally stipulated by the Superior Court. The situations are different, but as a rule, the term of imprisonment can vary according to the case. A person who is convicted of the email fraud has a right to use the help of the criminal defense attorney. As a lawyer who has already been involved in several cases of the email fraud, I can tell you that it is a really hard thing to protect your client in such a deal. My ward was a person who was not truly guilty in such a case. It took approximately a year to prove that he did not blackmail his neighbor. I was spending hours in the courtroom to evaluate the situation, investigate the facts, question a witness, etc. Unfortunately, not every lawyer has the same devotion to the deal, it comes into the sorrowful results.

How to protect yourself from the Mail Fraud?

In different cases, the protection can vary. It is a fact that cannot be argued. For example, let’s speak about the email fraud that can happen to you even when you do not think about it. Imagine the situation, you are sitting in the park and drinking cola when suddenly a man of the middle age comes to you. He tells you about his perfect company and gives you a broadsheet with a detailed information given above. He speaks to you with such an eager to inform you more about the company, that you, of course, agree to write the address of your email in his notebook for the further information about the company. You just respect the person who is really happy to tell you some more, that you even do not think what will be with your email address in future. Furthermore,for several days, you realize that your email was broken. Such situations are so common that you even cannot imagine. The first my advice to you is to keep your email and do not give it to the strangers or the suspicious companies. If you allow these people to know the name of your personal post, they will easily break your pass and do with your post everything they want. For sure, the situations are different, and not all the people are fraudsters, but to avoid unpleasant consequences, just be more clear-eyed. Another trap can be with the unknown sites or dating websites. There is a great number of fraudsters there, and you have to think twice before you put your email on such doubtful sites.

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What to do if you know about the Email Fraud?

Well, first of all, you need to inform the local police about the fraud. If you are not an involved person and have no idea of the intentions of the fraudsters, you had better just tell that you are terribly sorry, but according to your observation, there is something suspicious on the particular site or company. The main idea of such an action is to warn other people about the possibility of fraud in time. You have to be extremely attentive, but the police will definitely solve every single question. You alo can use these services to report fraud.

Different Types of the Email Fraud

There are different types of the mail frauds. Here are they:

  • Lottery fraud
  • Telemarketing fraud
  • Financial fraud
  • Employment fraud

They all have the same idea, to make deceive you and to take some profit from your email. For instance, a lottery fraud is very well-spread on the internet right now. Each of us is willing to have a free iPhone for the repost or other things like that. It is the human nature, and we are not in the power to fight with it. In such lotteries, there is a huge percentage that you can catch a fraud. Your email will be used as a mean of money making. In addition, you can be a direct helper of such action, because exactly from your account there was conducted an unpleasant action.

Well, in my humble opinion, if you are willing not to be involved in such an action as a mail fraud, you have to do your best to inform the legal bodies about the mail fraud in time, moreover, of such an occasion happened to you, please, be calm and inform all your relatives and friends about the changes with your account, warn them not to give any money to the fraudsters, and everything will be good, I am absolutely sure.

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