Misdemeanor in California

Misdemeanor in California

Nowadays, the misdemeanor is everywhere, especially in the big city the criminals tend to commit a crime according to the common air of the lawlessness. As a lawyer who has been dealing with such crimes for a long time, moreover, I am still continuing to be involved in such law sentences. As far as I am concerned, the misdemeanor is caused by the mental problems or disorders if the criminal. If the person is full of life, has everything or almost everything he/she needs, the idea of making a crime will never come to the mind. These and other facts about the misdemeanor in California I will tell you about. Let’s have a look at the following article.

What is Misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is a small crime that will not be considered as a felony and will not be punished with the severe imprisonment or the huge fine. The misdemeanor is also considered to be a crime of the different deals, so the misdemeanor is not only drunk driving or something like that. It has the much wider system. In California, a misdemeanor can be seen as a petty crime, regulatory or summary offense. A great number of the misdemeanors are punished with the fines that are equal the seriousness of the crime. Several misdemeanors as graffiti writings on the unsuitable buildings and places, frauds, pickpocketing, and others can be considered to have an imprisonment punishment, but anyway, the lawyer with a good experience of such deals will help you to transfer an imprisonment into the fine.

What is the difference between a Misdemeanor and a Felony?

In comparison with a misdemeanor, the felony is considered to be a serious crime. The examples of the felony can be as follows:

  • A murder
  • A massacre
  • A cruel behavior towards the society

And other action that can harm the calmness of the people surrounding you. In California, the misdemeanors can be punished with the fine, as I have stipulated before, but the felony can have an imprisonment from 1 year till the life sentence. As distinct from the felony, a misdemeanor does not mean that the person loses his/her civil rights as driving license, employment, and others. It means that if the person, having committed a misdemeanor, regrets about it, he/she will be fully recovered in his/her current position and other social items. As you know, in the USA, the law is highly fair, so even the most important positions can be disclosed if there will be any tiny suspicion of the crime from the side of such high-level-public-officials. For example, if the mayor or even the President will conduct some improper activity, they will have the same punishment as any other person living in the USA and particularly in California.

How to protect yourself from a misdemeanor?

Firstly, you should be aware of such a thing as a covering up of the criminal. If you know about several misdemeanors and you really want to hide the fact of him/her committing a crime, you are also considered to be a criminal with the same responsibility for the crime as that person who fulfilled it. The California legislation claims that if you met a crime that can be named as a misdemeanor or the felony, but you failed to inform the legal bodies about this fact, you will definitely face a law prosecution. The earlier you inform the police about any crime you have seen/heard/taken part in, the better will be especially for you. I regret to say, that sometimes when, for instance, there is violence in the family, but every member of it keeps calm, one day one of such a family will simply die from the various beatings. I have had such an experience when my client was a girl who was constantly beaten by her husband. She was in silence because he was a truly rich man and could do her harm even without being present at the place of the beatings. She was terribly afraid, and I did not know how to behave in such a situation, because she was against that fact that the police will come to her husband. I told her that we are together entitled to protect her from the like her villain, so finally, we reached a consensus and claimed to the police that her husband has tried to beat her several times. In some time, the county court of California stipulated that her husband was to pay her the monetary compensation for the physical casualty, moreover, she wanted to divorce him and put down the Petition for the Contested Divorce. As you can see, usually, the people are bounded with not only the law but also with their personal fears and misunderstandings. I believe that you will never commit any misdemeanor, but if you can do it, here are some pieces of advice for you.

What to do if you are the Criminal accused of Misdemeanor or Felony?

If you have committed a misdemeanor or even a felony, the best advice for you is to regret about this event and call the police by yourself. It will commute a  future penalty and will return you the dignity that is the most valuable thing in the human life. If the felony is really harsh, I am afraid that you will be under the arrest immediately, and for sure you will need a good lawyer to protect your interests in the court. The well-qualified attorney will be in hand anyway to act on your behalf and smooth your penalty as much as possible. In California, the price of the well-qualified attorney fluctuates from $10 000 and more. The price will depend on the seriousness of your case. The hardest deals can be evaluated to $100 000.

All in all, the seriousness of committing a crime is understandable to everyone. You have to be brave enough to do it as well as being silly. Committing a crime can spoil your life, your career, future plans, etc. I wish you never have such problems and my service you will need for other and not so severe deals.

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